Thursday, September 24

TJ Oshie & Patrik Berglund

Another toofer, beeches. Yeah, you should love me.


Name: TJ Oshie & Patrik Berglund
DOB: December 23, 1986 & June 2, 1988
Age Range: Yes & Yes
Height: 5'11" & 6'4"
General Information: Both play hockey for the St. Louis Blues. Are totally "Best Friends". Live together. Have a dog together.
Oshie: Scored his first goal against Detroit! Got arrested with Jonathan Toews back in the day. Has a thing with Rick Nash (not like that).
Berglund: Tall, Swedish, Blonde. Not really that much info about him, so those three things should be enough.
Related Things:
Watch these two videos. They are so freaking worth it. Or at least watch the first one because Berglund is adorable and Oshie is too and they're totally gay. Plus, the interviewer is freaking amazing.
Watch This AND This.

Touring the appartment.
Oshie's showing everything.
Bergie's chilling in the background on the couch.


  1. i think this may be the best blog i have ever found. the question is, why has it stopped? have you gotten married? if so, you should consider "caitie's future homewreckers"... pictures of good looking men should never stop...

  2. Listen tj will be mine